A Well Configured Joomla Site

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Setting up a Joomla Website

Including basic SEO and Analytics

A standard install of Joomla is a great way to build a simple to maintain website.  The next step is to help potential visitors find your website.  Using the combination of Google Analytics and the ACE SEF extension will help you acheive this goal.  The following are the basic steps for setting up your Joomla website and being ready to roll with SEO and analytics.

  1. Download and Install Joomla.
  2. Select a template for your website.
  3. Update the website content. Include descriptive titles, heading tags (including h1, h2, … tags), a good short (10 to 15 word page description meta-tag) and good keywords.  This list is in order of priority.
  4. Turn on search engine friendly (SEF) URLS and Apache mod rewrite.
  5. Install these standard extensions –
    1. WebGuru Google Analytics plugin - http://webguru-co.com/downloads/webguru-google-analytics-v.0.9.zip
    2. AceSEF search engine friendly URLs and meta-tag management http://www.joomace.net/downloads/acesef/component

Setup a Google Analytics account for the website

  1. Create a sitemap.xml file for the website use http://www.xml-sitemaps.com/ to generate this file.
    1. Save the sitemap file to the root of the website directory.
    2. Upload this file to the Google Webmaster tools page.

Of course implementing a good SEO strategy and fully utilizing Analytics are worth complete books, but a few good starting references are:

Occam's Razor - by Avinash Kaushik is the touchstone of analytics blogs.

The Beginners Guide to SEO - by SEO MOZ, a perfect introduction to the fundamentals of SEO.