CMS Introduction

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Content Management System (CMS) Introduction

What is a CMS?

Why use a CMS?

Brief history:

• Initially all web pages were created using HTML.

• This was great until the advent of new browsers all with slightly different interpretations of HTML. Web designers had a harder and harder job making websites that worked for all current browsers. So… what to do

• Separate content from display (in the modern web sense HTML is separate from CSS)

• The next phase in web site design was in data driven websites. o These were expensive and only large companies could afford. (Software costs on these websites could run into the hundreds of thousand dollars.

• Microsoft came out with some relatively in-expensive software (IIS, MS SQL and ASP) that helped to open up the development of custom content management systems.

• Next came open source tools – Linux, Apache, PHP and MYSql o These tools opened up the development of Open Source content management solutions.

• The three leading Open Source CMS’s are:

o Joomla!, Drupal and WordPress

o Some links for comparisons are:

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