SEO Friendly URLs in Joomla

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SEO Friendly URLs

When a search engine spider, like Google, is scanning a site they include the URL in determining the relevance of a page for a given topic.

So the URL:

is going to work better than:,com_weblinks/Itemid,22/

To turn on search engine friendly, SEF, URLs open the Global Configuration manager and turn on Search Engine Friendly URLs.  Check to see the results on your website.

Next you will need to turn-on Mod Re-Write in your apache web server.  First replace the current .htaccess file with the htaccess.txt include in the Joomla installation.  Then turn-on Mod re-write.

You will now have search engine friendly URLs.

One thing you will notice is that the article IDs,will still be displayed in the URL for all articles without associated menu items.  You can do one of two things:

  1. Associate menu items with all articles; or
  2. Load an extension that uses the article alias without the article id for the URL re-write.


Some people (not the author) feel that a .html at the end of the URL will also improve search engine results.  This can be done in global configuration by turning on the Add Suffix to URL selection.  This will append a '.html' to the end of every URL.