WDV 305 - Final Project

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Expectations for the final project:

Difference from the project we did for WDV 301 is that we will be incorporating all we have learned since then - especially areas of interactivity and professional levels of navigation and design.

So for examples of interactivity:

  • Picture galleries with pictures that can be uploaded and displayed in working gallery
    • Pictures from a recent concert - tied to the original concert event
    • Pictures of before and after a visit from the cleaning company.
  • Directions from a user's location to a concert or a cleaning store.
  • A bulletin board to exchange information - what did you think of last nights concert, where can I find environmentally safe cleaning supplies.

For professional design and navigation:

  1. Clear Scope Document - defining the organization, goals for the site, content and functionality that supports the site goals.  This document is important for clearly communicating what is and is not included in the site.
  2. Site Map - defining how these will relate to articles, sections and categories.
  3. A project plan - show goals for each remaining class.  Remaining classes are Mon Jan11. Wed Jan 13, Wed Jan 20 and Sat Jan 23.
  4. A completely new Joomla installation.
  5. A design with production level layers of navigation - homepage reflects content of the site; inner pages reflect content of the page/section/category.
  6. A well implemented template - adding a template parameter would be great as would an override of an installed module
    1. Template should be completed in a zipped file that can be installed on a new Joomla instance.
  7. Homepage and inner page layout that supports the scope document- this will require a component with at least a homepage and inner page viewer
  8. Sections and Categories that support the scope and site-map
  9. Menu items and articles that support the scope and site-map
  10. New components, modules and plugins - either written or installed to support the scope
    1. Should be available in a zipped file that can be installed on other Joomla Instances.  (So all files images, xml and php files will have to be included)
  11. Use several of the techniques we have worked on in class:
    1. Google Maps
    2. Extended Guestbook
    3. Email cloning
    4. plugin - Google Analytics, Bad word checker, ...
    5. Image Library - with a nice viewer like lightbox (JavaScript pop-up window viewer)
  12. If a module would be expensive or time consuming - indicate what module you would use and how you would incorporate give the time and money. (For example - what eCommerce module and payment gateway would you use if you had an eCommerce portion of your website).


Generic Kickoff Document - contains a high-level project plan, site map and sample websites for customer review.

Generic Questionnaire - contains a list of questions to ask clients at the beginning of a project.

Sample Joomla! User Administration Tutorial - a simple tutorial showing how to add articles and update menus.